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Demetri Kofinas is a media entrepreneur and financial analyst whose mission is to help uncover the hidden forces and pivotal patterns shaping our lives. His contrarian perspective and critical-thinking approach has helped hundreds of thousands of people make smarter, informed decisions. This same methodology has helped guide Demetri’s decision-making as an early-stage investor and as a creator of several innovative media properties and live events.

Kofinas’ work is driven by years spent both analyzing global markets and creating innovative media properties and live events. After starting his career in banking, he discovered an outlet for his obsession with markets through a range of media start-ups he founded, including a popular blog, a NYC radio show, and a daily live TV program which reached hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide, as well as other national and international reporting. He has also created cutting-edge cultural productions, launching multiple off-Broadway shows, conferences, a video game software company, and interactive television apps for the cable industry, all while writing for publications like Quartz.

His approach is also informed by his life experiences. Kofinas is fluent in three languages and employs a holistic, global perspective that he developed over a lifetime spent traveling and living internationally. He combines this with an empathetic, human element to his analysis, shaped by his experiences of memory loss and recovery stemming from a brain tumor diagnosis in his late 20s.

Currently, Kofinas is host of the Hidden Forces podcast, where he gives his listeners an edge by using a financial and cultural lens to help them draw meaningful connections, challenge consensus narratives, and formulate solutions to complex problems, empowering them to make smarter decisions. Podcast episodes feature a wide variety of luminaries, visionaries, and contrarians—from legendary investor Howard Marks and cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier to philosopher Rebecca Goldstein, public intellectual Fareed Zakaria, and journalist Gillian Tett.

CNN’s Global Economic Analyst and Associate Editor for the Financial Times Rana Faroohar writes that Hidden Forces is a podcast “that I really love.” Michael Casey and Sheila Warren write that Kofinas is “a master at drawing big-picture narratives” around complex problems, while Nathaniel Whitmore says the podcast is “one of the most unique podcasts in the business space because it comes at business and markets topics with an interesting and broad, polyglot lens.”

To keep up to date on Kofinas’ latest thinking, listen to Hidden Forces at hiddenforces.io, and follow him on Twitter @kofinas.